Dr. Mawji is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and takes an innovative approach to patient centred care. She uses a range of diagnostics including laboratory testing, physical exams and a thorough history because each person’s needs and presentation are unique. Dr. Mawji believes in the art of medicine and tailors treatments specifically to her patients. She is passionate about patient empowerment, education and partnership and feels these are pertinent to positive outcomes so that her patients can lead long and happy lives.

Dr. Mawji is a sought after speaker on conditions including: hormonal dysfunction, immune support, stress management, and healthy lifestyle habits. In 2019 Dr. Mawji spoke to her colleagues at the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors conference on Botanical Medicine Updates for Upper Respiratory Tract Injections. In 2020 she spoke at the Canadian Health Food Association West, one of the largest Natural Health shows, on Research Updates in Omega 3’s. In 2008 Dr. Mawji was the nutrition lead for a two year Health Canada study investigating dietary and lifestyle interventions on cardiovascular markers in the South Asian population. Currently she is a speaker and educator for Natures Way of Canada and an Ambassador for Lululemon. In 2021, Dr. Mawji participated in a National Integrative Fertility Series (over zoom), and spoke on Optimizing fertility outcomes from a preconception lens.

Dr. Mawji is passionate about patient outcomes and education. She spends time researching, reading, and consulting with other health care providers. Her belief is that an integrative approach supports patient outcomes, and this has developed into her practice where she works collaboratively with many other health care providers for patient centered care and maintains a forward thinking practice of medicine.

During her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Mawji worked alongside a Functional Medical Doctor, in a private health setting, to optimize patient care. This is where her exposure to Functional Medicine began. She worked with this Physician for two years, and was exposed to a side of health care that merged western and eastern philosophy. This is where her enthusiasm for lifestyle medicine, innovative testing, and evaluating symptoms further, sparked her desire to learn more. She observed improvements in patient care, the power of a positive physician-patient relationship and became exposed to the world of hormones, heavy metal testing and anti-aging medicine. This motivated her to become a Naturopathic Doctor; individualized medicine, patient centered care, and looking beyond diagnoses.

Dr. Mawji is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. She has additional training and is certified in IV therapy, Aesthetics Neuromodulators, Aesthetic Fillers, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Prescription authority and Visual Homeopathy. Dr. Mawji graduated from the University of British Columbia with an Honours degree in Bachelors of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health.

Dr. Mawji has a passion for helping people with hormonal imbalance, fertility and preconception care, mitochondrial dysfunction, digestive complaints, skin improvement, auto-immune diseases and mental health concerns.

  • Metabolic Disorders  - Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Weight loss/gain
  • Fertility - Female and Male factor
  • Endocrinology - PCOS, Menstrual irregularities, Menopausal symptoms, Adrenal dysfunction/Stress response
  • Mental Health
  • Skin - Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Texture (Dry, Oily), Premature aging, Neuromodulators (Botox, nuceiva), Dermal Fillers
  • Cardiovascular - Fatty Liver, Cardiovascular disease, Atherosclerosis, Hypercholesterolemia
  • Gastrointestinal - Food sensitivities, Nutrient optimization

I meet a lot of people who have different ideas about what Naturopathic Medicine is, and the variation between practitioners, particularly Naturopathic Doctors, but in all areas of the health field, can make it difficult to understand what we do. In essence, Naturopathic Medicine, is supporting the innate ability for the body to heal itself, which means understanding the natural progression and etiology of disease (or pathology.) As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have a medical understanding of diagnostics and pathology, but I also recognize that there are many reasons why a person may experience symptoms.

Lifestyle is what you do every single day, diet is what you consume everyday, your genetics are what you are born with, and your environment influences how you perceive, metabolize and are predisposed to certain conditions. Naturally everyone is different, and Naturopathic Medicine utilizes certain principles that are focused on balancing the body, addressing symptoms and pathologies using natural ,and pharmaceutical interventions, when needed, and educating patients around their conditions.

As your Naturopathic Doctor, I will work with you, to manage your symptoms and concerns, improve your quality of life, and educate you on how you can make appropriate changes to support your health.

"With education comes empowerment, and patient empowerment is one the of the greatest motivators for best outcomes and wellness"

Each person is unique and will resonate with different forms of treatment. As your Naturopathic Doctor, my tools are diverse, and this is really where the art of medicine begins. I will often use an array of modalities, always addressing your needs, but focusing on sustainable medicine that is safe and effective.

Labs and Diagnostics
This includes standard lab testing done through Lifelabs but also using specialized testing for certain concerns through private labs.

I recognize that nutrition should be individualized, and will make recommendations that are appropriate for you. These include optimizing diet for your needs, focusing on interventions that are achievable, and addressing dietary concerns.

Prescriptive Authority
There are conditions that benefit from pharmaceutical intervention. As your Naturopathic Doctor, I will prescribe pharmaceutical medications when they are the preferred treatment for your condition.

I have additional training in Visual Homeopathy and find that this can be beneficial for some of my patients. When it comes to addressing the Mental-Emotional aspect of health, homeopathic remedies offer a safe and gentle way of supporting this process and healing.

Nutrient and Orthomolecular Medicine
Our body relies on vitamins, minerals and amino acids for many reactions and building many of the neurotransmitters and hormones used by the body. As your Naturopathic Doctor I will use formulations that help support your body and address areas that may be deficient. This may be through Intravenous therapy or oral supplementation.

There are two types of acupuncture that I offer in practice. The first is centred around the patients presentation, constitution and current concerns; the second is focused on pain and MSK issues. Acupuncture is one of the oldest modalities, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It not only offers an alternative or adjunct therapy for patients with concerns but provides an appointment that allows you to decompress and relax.

Botanical Medicine
This is a very safe and effective way to support your body. Botanical medicine is gentle, and works on balancing the body systems due to the variety of constituents (active ingredients) present. I use different approaches either using Botanicals that are already formulated, or individualizing the formulation to the patient by making tinctures. There are some interactions that may be present between pharmaceuticals, nutrients and botanical medicines, so being under the guidance of a Naturopathic Doctor or Herbalist is the recommendation when using Botanical Medicines so that your treatment is designed with these concerns in mind.

As individuals we are shaped by our experiences, whether past or current stressors. Our past habits, behavior patterns and tendencies, and motivation are important to address when using a holistic approach to health. Our mind and body are not separate and there is a strong connection between what shows up as symptom and our emotions.


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